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 Formulary Chapter 26: A5 - Wound Managment Formulary (Dressings/Elastic Hoisery) - Full Chapter

This chapter of the formulary is populated with formulary dressings only. If a dressing is not listed it should be considered non-formulary.

The roll-out of a non-prescription dressings supply service is complete in Crawley, Horsham and Mid-Sussex. (excluding some of the nursing homes)

A5.07.01  Expand sub section  Dressing packs
Nurse It
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Dressing Pack (sterile)Please note that discussions are currently taking place to repatriate to community provider
  • Used to provide a clean sterile working surface. Contains apron and gauze

  • Nurse It
    Sterile Pack containing: 7 Non-Woven Swabs 4 ply 10cm x 10cm
    1 Compartment Tray 12cm x 11cm
    1 Disposable Forceps 11cm
    2 Laminated Paper Sterile Fields 40cm x 40cm
    1 Large Apron 80cm x 130cm
    1 Paper Towel 35cm x 40cm
    1 White Polythene Disposable Bag 46cm x 26cm, 1 Paper Measuring Tape
    1 pair latex free powder free nitrile gloves small/med, med/large 
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    Non Formulary Item Non Formulary section
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    Restricted Drug
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    Traffic Light Status Information

    Status Description


    Comment : Not to be routinely commissioned (prescribed) in any care setting (primary or secondary care). This may be due to a lack of good clinical evidence, cost effectiveness, concerns over safety or due to the availability of more suitable alternatives. As such, drugs classified as Black should be considered as non-formulary.   


    Initiation : Specialist only
    Repeat Prescribing : Specialist
    Monitoring : Specialist
    Comment : Prescribing must be in line with any specific treatment criteria outlined. In exceptional circumstances a GP may be asked to prescribe the specialist must provide adequate information and support.   


    Initiation : Specialist only
    Repeat Prescribing : Primary care OR specialist
    Monitoring : Primary care OR specialist
    Comment : Monitoring according to Effective Shared Care Agreement (ESCA) for stabilised patients only. GP agreement should be requested by specialist and confirmed/declined by GP on a patient-by-patient basis.   


    Initiation/Recommendation : Specialist only
    Repeat Prescribing : Primary care
    Monitoring : Primary care
    Comment : Should be initiated or recommended by a specialist. Monitoring of either medicine or disease does not require specialist skills or equipment   


    Initiation : Primary care or specialist
    Repeat Prescribing : Primary care
    Monitoring : Primary care
    Comment : Suitable for non specialist initiation   


    Patients should be advised to purchase if approriate.